“Twilight” Fashion Guide – Fashion School Tips For Dressing Like Your Favorite “Twilight” Character

The “Twilight” movie franchise, from “Twilight” to “New Moon” to “Eclipse,” has inspired legions of fans to devour everything about the movie, especially the fashions. Each character has his or her individual style, and these tips from fashion school experts will help give you the look of your favorite. So whether you’re a Bella or a Rosalie or an Alice, here’s some fashion advice you can sink your teeth into.

Bella Swan. She’s loved by both a handsome vampire and hunky werewolf, so Kristen Stewart’s Bella must be doing something right in the fashion department. Her style is casual and effortless, as if she doesn’t care how she looks (even though she always looks impeccable). To get Bella’s look, stick to basics, like fitted v-neck sweaters, henleys and hoodies paired with jeans. She also has great taste in jackets with multiple zippers and pockets, often cropped short to show off her legs. While some might interpret her look as tomboy, she is actually more of cowgirl, with rugged looks that fit her living in Arizona and now Washington. So embrace those plaids, denims and boots, and you may have Edward or Jacob pining for you as well.

Alice Cullen. Ashley Greene’s character has lots of fans wanting to imitate her fresh, youthful style, and it’s no wonder. This girl looks like she’s on her way to fashion college. One of her most famous looks was in the first movie, when she wore a black, tailored vest that was shorter than the blouse underneath it. She also kills (so to speak) in lace sweaters over gunmetal grey empire waist dresses that are flirty and feminine. One might call her style girly goth, with a little Audrey Hepburn thrown in.

Rosalie Hale. Nikki Reed’s character is described as one of the most beautiful people in the world, and she has a glamorous, sophisticated wardrobe to match her looks. She often wears sharp blazers that are classic, but with a modern edge. She’s also partial to hats and scarves, no doubt because she has ice instead of blood running through her veins. But if you really want the Rosalie look, you’ve got to wear designer shoes with heels so high that they could drive a stake through a vampire’s heart.

Edward Cullen. Robert Pattinson has become a style icon thanks to his “Twilight” role, regularly gracing the pages of fashion design magazines in his signature sleek ensembles and tousled hair. If you want to dress like you’re on “Team Edward,” wear neutral colors like grey and blue, and think clean, classic pieces: straight leg dark denim jeans, crisp button-down shirts, v-neck sweaters, and oh, that gorgeous grey pea coat.

Jacob Black. In “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” Taylor Lautner’s character usually wears jeans and black tees that are a size too small, or no shirt at all. Jacob, then, isn’t much of a fashion plate. But Taylor Lautner is another matter. When he’s on the red carpet, he is always dressed to impress in fitted vests that show off his physique, leather jackets, or designer suits. To dress like you’re on “Team Jacob,” or actually “Team Taylor,” wear a vest, tie and long-sleeve shirt over a pair of jeans. Or for a dressier occasion, look for a suit that’s form-fitting, with just a little bit of shine to the fabric.

The Best Fashion Trends From Kate Spade

The fashion industry has always been a competitive one. People are always looking for the hottest latest trends and the best way to keep clients satisfied is by meeting this end. Fashion and luxury and two distinct things that auger well together and for a majority of people, when these two are combined together, they deliver to perfection. It is for these reasons that Kate Spade is considered the most popular name in the modernized fashion world. Brought up in a modest background, she started designing her own shoes and handbags and the desire to excel propelled her to deliver great designs.

Information about the Designer
Born in 1962, she attended Arizona State University and got an internship at Mademoiselle Magazine. During this time, she worked in the accessory department and this is where she got her influence. It was also at this point that she created her first brand of ladies accessories and when it was launched into the market, it took off perfectly. This was especially true with the domestic market. Inspired by her mother’s diverse range of clutches and purses, Kate Spade started drew sketches of handbags and shoes. Through patience, her work eventually made it to top in the American fashion industry. Currently, there are several accessories and other fashion items under her name and they are doing well in the market.

Her Fashion Trends
Among the popular designs from this designer was the new mothers diaper bag. She came up with this concept in 1993 and it instantly became a hit. This was largely attributed to the fact that it became a gift to the upper class society and at the same time, it was viewed as a utility. Over the years, she has also delivered other designs. With each new invention, the fashion industry has termed her products as pieces of great ingenuity. The Kate Spade eyeglasses are another fashion trend that is making great waves in the market. Though these are designed to focus on eye health, they are designed in a simple manner that offers great designs. What is more, they have also accomplished the purpose for which they were designed.

Though these are known to be luxury fashion wear, it is important to note that the prices are considerably affordable when compared to other brands. At this point, one should also note that this goes for all her brands whether it is shoes, bags or eyeglasses.

As stated earlier, the fashion industry requires designs that are refreshed every so often and at the same time, with longevity. The Kate spade [http://katespade.org] designs in this case are worth reviewing. Use the provided link to know more Kate spade [http://katespade.org].

Fashion Career Specializations – A Breakdown

Coming straight from fashion school, you might be thinking that as a fashion designer; you’ll have the opportunity to work with all types of clothing. What you may not know is that generally, the fashion industry is split into categories, and then categories within categories. Basically, the fashion industry is very specialized. The breakdown begins with price (which usually corresponds with quality). The lowest classification is Discount, and at the height of fashion is Haute Couture:

Discount: These stores sell merchandise that retails at a discounted price from what other stores charge. Outlet malls or stores like Ross, Wal-Mart, Target, or Conway are example of discount retailers that sell discount labels.
Budget / Mass Market: Knock-offs of higher priced designer items that are sold at low competitive prices to the masses. Old Navy, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe are a few popular budget labels. Department stores in this category include JC Penney, and Kohls. This market usually retails for less than $100.
Moderate: These include nationally advertised apparel brands such as Nine West, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, and Zara are all in the moderate range. Examples of moderate department stores are Macy’s and Dillards. These brands typically retail for less than $300.
Contemporary: More than just a specific price point, this classification is a fashion-forward image often aimed at women in their ’20s and early ’30s looking for trendy fashions priced more affordably than Designer pieces. BCBG, Betsey Johnson, Bebe, and Rebecca Taylor fall into the Contemporary category, which usually retails for under $500.
Better: Also selling for less than $500, these collections use better quality fabric and styling than lower-priced brands. Armani Exchange, Jones New York and Anne Klein are two examples of a better-priced line.
Bridge: Priced under $1000, these lines serve as a “bridge” between better and designer categories. And includes names like Ellen Tracy, Dana Buchman, DKNY, Emporio Armani, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren.
Designer: True designer collections typically sell for more than $1000 per item. The fabrics, fit, details, and trims are superior to other ready-to-wear items. Some examples of designer labels are Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani, and Chanel.
Haute Couture/ Avant-garde: Also know as couture, these terms have been commonly misused by ready-to-wear brands. Haute Couture, or simply “couture” designers sell custom, made-to-measure pieces cost tens of thousands of dollars and are affordable only to a select few. Technically speaking, there are only ten official Haute Couture Houses including: Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, and Givenchy. Avant-garde designers produce high quality, one-of-a-kind garments that experiment with new design concepts and push the envelope of popular fashion.

Even within the categories listed above, each market is broken down into more specific specializations. First, design companies are broken down by customer: men’s, women’s, children’s etc. Then are further divided by type of clothing: sportswear, evening wear (special occasion), sleepwear etc. And then design teams are designated to specific areas like Wovens, Knits, Sweaters, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outerwear and so on.

On an unfortunate note, it is very difficult to move from one category to another. If you start building your career with mass-market companies, you’ll face some barriers when you apply for that dream job at Ralph Lauren. The same goes for designer specialties. If you’re experienced working with children’s woven tops, chances are you won’t land a position designing women’s dresses. If you’re absolutely determined on making a switch, you’re best bet is to start from the bottom in your desired field and work your way up again.

Something else to consider is the different types of manufacturers and retailers out there. Some manufacturers design and produce their own designs, which are then sold to retailers. These manufacturers don’t have their own retail stores. Examples include Shoshanna, Jones New York and Carmen Marc Valvo. There are also manufacturers that own licenses for a variety of brands. For example, Warnaco holds licenses for Calvin Klein, Speedo, and Chaps; while Phillips Van Heusen (PVH) owns licenses for BCBG, Sean Jean, and Kenneth Cole.

Then, there are retailers that only sell merchandise purchased from manufacturers. These include stores like Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. Many manufacturers also have their own retail locations such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange and Nicole Miller. Other retail stores have their own product development teams and have merchandise manufactured specifically for their private label such as Gap, Old Navy, and Express. In addition to purchasing merchandise from outside manufacturers, many department stores also have their own private label collections. Examples are: I.N.C. (Macy’s), and Arizona Jeans (JC Penney).

The largest employment opportunities out there lie with mass-market companies, which often pay pretty well to start, however these figures usually level-off after a few years of experience. The higher end markets pay less to start, and work hours are longer, but the prestige you’ll receive from such reputable companies will do wonders for your resume!

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As a NYC fashion designer, Natalie has traveled to Europe and Asia for shopping, researching trends and production. In a 14 year career, she has gained a lot of insights in the industry, and has trained designers with her knowledge of global trend market. Due to popular demand in response to her advice and training, she created a free fashion resource center at DesignersNexus.com to share her experiences with a larger audience, helping aspiring designers learn from her mistakes and successes creating their own successful careers.

A Lot To Offer In Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona, continues to rank as one of the most culturally vibrant and eclectic communities in the United States today. The simple, unadulterated fact is that Scottsdale has a great deal to offer on a variety of different fronts.

Although Florida continues to garner a lion’s share of the media attention when it comes to subject of Snow Birds – people who flock from colder environs to warmer locales in the wintertime – Scottsdale, Phoenix and other Arizona cities and town have become the destinations of choice when it comes to people who want to dodge the cold weather of winter. The fact is that winters in Scottsdale are beyond compare. With daytime temps hovering the 80s most of the season, and with humidity nearly non-existent, it is hard to imagine a better climate.

Scottsdale is proud of its historical heritage which perhaps is best played out in the Old Town Scottsdale District. The District is lined with shops and restaurants in preserved historic buildings that exemplify the architecture that dominated the Southwest some 100 plus years ago. Native American art and culture predominately is featured throughout this delightful district. It is a perfect venue for people seeking family friendly entertainment and cultural options and opportunities.

Beyond history and Old Town, the arts and other cultural opportunities thrive beyond imagination in Scottsdale. There is a section of the city, a truly thriving and unique district, that is home to fashionable art galleries, trendy shops and tony bistros that serve an imaginative mix of tasty cuisine.

Recreational options also abound in and around Scottsdale. Of course, a great number of these recreational options are conducted out of doors. On some level, it is not inappropriate to refer to Scottsdale as the golf capital of North America. Some of the most celebrated golf courses and golf resorts are to be found in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.

Finally, Scottsdale features many delectable spa resorts where people from all around the globe come to be pampered. Indeed, the residents of Scottsdale – no matter the age – tend to be a very health conscious bunch. Therefore, many of the spas in operation in Scottsdale take a holistic and full body approach to their treatments and procedures. These spas offer a wide array of restorative and revitalizing treatments and procedures for their guests.

Scottsdale is also home to some of the most cutting edge, high-tech medical and healthcare clinics in the Southwest. This includes clinics dedicated to advancing human fertility and assisting couples who have had difficulties in conceiving a child on their own. Some of these clinics offer the very latest in fertility protocols, including the three cycle IVF with donor egg regimen. Indeed, in recent times the three cycle IVF with donor egg course has proven remarkably effective when it comes to couples who previously have experienced problems with conceiving a much wanted child. Therefore, the three cycle IVF with donor egg fertilization course is becoming more widely practiced, including in clinics in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Arcadia, Arizona – Where Quiet Lifestyles and Luxurious Living Meet

If you’re looking for a place where you can sit back, take it easy and enjoy a relaxed, but upscale lifestyle, then you’ve found it in Arcadia. This gorgeous neighborhood, located only 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix, got its start back in the early 1920s during the postwar days. Now, homes are situated on lush, grassy lots and spectacular Camel back Mountain is the backdrop to the community. In years past, the area mainly consisted of exquisite ranch-style homes built mainly with wood and brick. They exuded all the charm and appeal of the mid-century. Since then, Arcadia has gone through a bit of a redevelopment. The thriving region is transforming the old to new by tearing down dated homes and erecting newer, more lavish abodes. The area is known for well-kept homes and you won’t find anything that looks mass-produced or like a cookie cutter. In addition, modern apartments and condos have been added. Regardless of the changes in the housing landscape, the area is extremely picturesque with mature trees, gorgeous sunsets and remarkable mountain views.

Recreational attractions
Besides the scenic landscape, Arcadia offers great attractions, amenities and is an excellent place to raise a family. For example, sports enthusiasts can get in a game of golf or throw a few balls at Papago Park and Baseball Facility, a 914-acre recreational center. Also, there’s the Desert Botanical Gardens, Piestewa Peak Mountain Park, the zoo and numerous places to go hiking. Explore some of the culture throughout the area at the Schemer Arts Center. You could take a stroll through this huge house and view galleries and exhibits that pique your interests. Or keep it simple and just view the public art project on 57th street. In addition, if a nice bike ride or a relaxing walk is more your speed, the Arizona Canal is a great place to do just that. Furthermore, if you want to get away from it all, the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, also known as the Jewel of the Desert is right at your fingertips. This resort was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and has been host to presidents and celebrities alike. While there, enjoy extreme relaxation by taking advantage of the full-service spa, fitness center, swimming pools and tennis courts.

Shopping and dining
With such fine dining, shopping and unique appeal is no wonder Arcadia is considered a Best Place to Live by Money magazine. This prominent community is conveniently located near upscale stores like Biltmore Fashion Park. Furthermore, you could visit downtown Scottsdale or take a short drive to Phoenix to explore an endless supply of retail stores. Also, don’t forget the food. Arcadia offers an array of fine dining. If you want to explore even more, check out all the delicious restaurants in nearby Phoenix. You could be adventurous and try a mix of Mexican and Greek food at Mi Patio. Instead, if you’d rather a traditional steak and some fresh seafood, Kincaid’s Fish, Chop and Steakhouse is a great choice. All this and much more is easily within reach.

Dynamic schools in the area offer children a top-notch curriculum. As part of the Scottsdale Unified School District, schools like Hopi Elementary, Ingleside Junior High and Arcadia High School provide first-class academic programs, exceptional teachers and a great environment. In addition, Arcadia has some of the best pre-schools, daycares and Montessori schools around. So it doesn’t matter how old your kids are, you can feel confident they will get a challenging and rich education. Regardless of how you describe it, Arcadia is an extraordinary, suburban community nicely situated near Phoenix and Scottsdale. Unique homes, shopping, dining, entertainment and culture are all easily within reach. The great thing about living here is that you get the quiet, serene lifestyle you want with the option of driving into the bright lights of the big cities whenever the mood strikes giving you the best of both worlds.

Premier Real Estate Communities in Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale represents one of the most unique residential real estate markets in the State of Arizona providing affordable living to the upscale and lavish lifestyles. Scottsdale is bordered to the west by Phoenix and Paradise Valley, to the north by Carefree, to the south by Tempe, and to the east by Fountain Hills. If you are unfamiliar with the area you may want to understand how it is locally divided. The city is commonly divided as North and South Scottsdale, each offering its own style of living.

North Scottsdale may be best known for its diversity in business and residential real estate. This area is well known for its ability to lure lucrative companies in the Bio-medical, business services, high technology, and tourism industries, each setting up headquarters in the North Scottsdale area. The Residential Real Estate Market blends modern architecture with rustic southwest design which has set the stage for this highly desirable area. The area features some of the States top notched master planned communities such as McDowell Mountain Ranch, DC Ranch, Troon and Legend Trail.

South Scottsdale features the “Old Town” or downtown area with the upscale Scottsdale Fashion Square, which attracts over 12 million visitors annually. Although known for high end tenants occupying both commercial and retail space the Scottsdale Waterfront luxury Condos and Lofts offer the ultra luxury living experience which range from $600,000 – $5,000,000. The South Scottsdale area and Residential Real Estate Market has been thriving since early development in 1961. Whether it be winter visitors, the many people working at restaurants, shopping malls or resorts or those just looking to be close to all the amenities, the area offers lush green communities with affordable living from the low $100,000 range and up.

Visitors Guide to Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Standing on the northern side of the Sonoran Desert, in the aptly named ‘Valley of
the Sun’ Phoenix is one of the most popular cities in Arizona. Known for its
extremely sunny weather and related winter tourist trade, Phoenix has much to offer
visitors, with strip malls surrounding the downtown district. Now amongst
America’s largest cities, Phoenix is a true metropolis, with many striking high-rise
buildings in the city center, together with exceptional golf courses and impressive
resort areas nearby.

Many of the attractions in Phoenix are situated in the downtown district, the heart of
the city, where you will find notable restaurants, sporting venues and shops. Other
popular areas of the city include the business district, Old Phoenix, particularly
around Heritage Square, and the Glendale area, which is home to many of the city’s
main museums and numerous well-preserved, historical structures. The Mesa area
of Phoenix contains a number of shopping malls, whereas Scottsdale boasts resorts
and specialty shops. For entertainment venues and a vibrant nightlife, be sure to
head to Tempe, where you will not be disappointed.

Phoenix Tourism:
Tourism in the Phoenix area is well catered for, with many top attractions, a number
of which are particularly appealing to families. Ranging from historical ruins and
sights, to amusement parks and major shopping centers, Phoenix offers plenty of
things to see and places to go. Top attractions include the Castles and Coasters
theme park, the vast Phoenix Zoo, the historical St Mary’s Basilica, the prehistoric
Casa Grande ruins, Goldfield Ghost Town mining village, the Apache Trail, Piestewa
Peak walking trails and the Phoenix Mountains Park and Recreation Center, known
for its views of the famous Valley of the Sun.

The Phoenix area also contains its fair share of cultural museums and art galleries,
with notable attractions including the Arizona Science Center, the Hall of Flame Fire
Fighting Museum and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Phoenix offers
a range of festivals, which are held throughout the year, such as the Arabian Horse
Show in February, the Scottsdale Arts Festival in March, the September National
Public Lands Day Outdoor Recreation Fair, and the Way Out West Oktoberfest.

Phoenix Transport:
Interstates 10 and 17 provide good connections to a number of nearby cities, such
as Flagstaff. Many visitors to Phoenix choose to rent a car and this is one of the
best ways to travel around the city and neighboring areas. Public buses are also
heavily used and the Downtown Area Shuttle, better known simply as ‘DASH’,
connects many top tourist hotspots at no cost.

Close to the city’s downtown district, Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is an
important air hub and is connected to the city by shuttle buses and taxicabs. This
important international airport caters for many thousands of arrivals and departures
each day and offers good ground transportation options.

Phoenix Hotels:
Hotels in the Phoenix area are in good supply and hotel rates are often cheapest
during the summer months of July and August. Winter is a particularly pleasant
time to visit the city and accommodation becomes fully booked at the time of the

Phoenix Shopping:
With many expansive shopping malls, which always feature air conditioning,
Phoenix is the perfect city for those who enjoy shopping. All kinds of shops are well
represented here, ranging from chain stores and department stores, to fashion
boutiques and independent retailers. Many of the city’s main shops are
concentrated in the Biltmore and Scottsdale districts.

Phoenix Restaurants:
Southwestern cuisine has long been popular in Phoenix, with more international
offerings available throughout the city. Restaurants offer a varied choice of food,
although the many notable steakhouses are a must. Clustered in the city center and in the older areas of Biltmore and Scottsdale, a number of eateries and bars can also
be found in the lively University area.

Phoenix Weather:
Standing in the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix offers predictably sunny and hot
temperatures, with over 300 days of sunshine each year. Many people choose to
visit the city during its warm winter months, particularly during January through
March, when temperatures average 13°C / 55°F. The summer months
of July through September are the warmest, when temperature peak at 42°C /
108°F, although evening are much cooler.

Famous Hotels Near the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon is a valley that rises above the whole city of Arizona. While exploring the beauty of the place, travelers may also relax and unwind while overlooking around this beautiful place. The Grand Canyon is also known as the home of various luxurious hotels and inns.

Here are some of Grand Canyon’s famous hotels:
Grand Canyon Railway Hotel
The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams, Arizona is developed subsequent to the remarkable Williams Depot and is situated exactly one block from the well-known Route 66. Visitors can spend their afternoon banquet and shopping along the famous Route 66 Highway, afterwards can go back to the hotel to unwind in the outdoor pool and spa tub.

The hotel offers a 24-hour front desk, caretaker, ATM, fireside, modern health club equipment, a grocery warehouse and gift store, tour support and caretaker, seminar quarters, cafés, arcade and picnic corners with barbecue grills.

Tourist Spots near the hotel:
o Grand Canyon National Park is one of the United States’ oldest national recreational areas. Inside the park lies the Grand Canyon, a chasm of the Colorado River, judged to be one of the most important natural phenomenon of the world.
o Sedona is a municipality that includes the county line among Coconino and Yavapai provinces in the northern region of Arizona. Sedona’s major fascination is its eye-catching collection of red sandstone structures, the Red Rocks of Sedona. The formations emerged to shine in dazzling orange and red when lit up by the rising or setting sun. The Red Rocks developed a breathtaking environment for everything, from the holy quests to the hundreds of mountaineering and mountain biking roads.

The Grand Canyon Hotel
It is an extraordinary 2-storey European inspired hotel. The hotel has 25 delightfully ornamented accommodations and dinner room. Meeting amenities are also ideal for wedding functions and company conventions.

Tourist Spots near the hotel:
o The Grand Canyon Railroad
o Historic Route 66
o Fishing and Camping

El Tovar Hotel
The notable sign beyond El Tovar hotel welcomes its visitors to stay at this exceptional place that is situated just a few steps from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The hotel is a three-storey structure, though the patio adds a fourth level. The usual guest rooms of the hotel include two queen beds and can provide accommodation up to four persons. Luxurious accommodations are also available and more spacious than the standard ones and offer an extra seating spot.

Arroyo Roble Hotel
It is found in the center of Uptown Sedona. It has a view over the famous Red Cliffs. The hotel is popular because it is the only five- storey structure in Sedona, having comfy rooms and also offers wonderful view in each balcony and patio.

Quality Inn & Suites Canyon Plaza
This is sited a mile from the access entrance to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The hotel lobby has elegant marble floors, cascades, and an adobe fireside. The inside entrance hall has an 18-foot interior hot bathtub. All guest rooms have free coffee, irons, ironing boards and Nintendo arcade. The hotel also offers facilities for handicapped; non-smoking and connecting rooms are also featured.

Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn
If your journey to the canyon is a one-shot quest or you prefer much desirable getaway to environment, this hotel is an ideal place for you to stay. The place offers a mixture of dining and amusement preferences on their extensive basis. The hotel rooms are built in the fashion of the grand hotels of the West; this Grand Canyon hotel is pleasing to the eye and fascinating. Their rooms feature abundant scenery, excellent artwork and certain warmness to create a destination you will reminisce for a lifetime. The Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn accommodations also include large separately climate-controlled quarters intended for your total comfort.

Peridot in Fashion Jewelry

Peridot is a transparent gemstone with yellowish green color. It is a magnesium/iron silicate stone and the chemical formula is (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4. The color of the peridot ranges from yellow green to intense bright green. The velvet appearance, a rich glow and a slightly greasy luster of the peridot is because of the way peridot splits and bends the rays of light passing through it. The value of the peridot increases with the purer green color. Peridot exists only in one color which is the characteristic feature of very few gemstones. The percentage of iron content is typically less than 15 % and also contains nickel and chromium as trace elements in the best colored peridot.

Peridot is mentioned in the Bible under the Hebrew name of pitdah and this gemstone has been mined for an estimated four thousand years before. Egyptians was using this stone as early as 1500 BC and considered peridot as the gem of the sun. Peridot is called by three names such as Peridot, Chrysolith and Olivine. In the early days, miners searched for this gemstone at night because the light from moon made the crystals easy to find. During those days, miners marked the locations of the crystals at night and dug them up in daylight. Quality peridot is found in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Myanmar, Germany, Pakistan, Arizona, Hawaii in USA and Zagbargad island in the Red sea. Myanmar and Egypt were the producers of best quality peridot until recently. However, in 1994, Pakistan discovered new deposits of peridot which produce some of the finest quality stones. Presently, Arizona is one of the largest sources of peridot, albeit of a lesser quality.

Peridot can be confused with emerald but peridots are more yellowish or olive in color which is completely different from the green of the emerald. Peridot is moderately hard and the hardness is only about 6.5 to 7 in Mohs’ scale. Peridot is easy to handle and quite robust. Peridot can be cut only according to its crystal structure. They can be usually cut in classical table and faceted cuts, antique, octagonal or oval shaped and round. Smaller stones are cut as calibrated stones and larger one are cut by designers in to fancy unique specimen stones. Peridot is most suited to daily wear after removing all the disturbing inclusions and requires little any special care.

Peridot is not only used as individual stone but also in jewelry series. The popularity of this deep green gemstone is increasing because of the preference of the green color in fashion world. Peridot is the birthstone of August and is the stone of 16th anniversary of wedding. This stone supposed to bring success, peace and good luck to the wearer. It is worn for the rejuvenation and restoration of mental and physical wellness. Peridot is believed to improve personal relationships. Peridots have healing power and are considered as a tonic for the whole body and protect the wearer from negative effects. Peridots reduce stress and provide relaxation. Asthma can cured using powdered peridot. Peridot is also used to clean and heal the heart by Egyptians.

Greer, Arizona – Heaven Nestled in a Mountain Valley

At an elevation of 8500 feet, the air is clearer in Greer, the Pine trees taller and the meadows greener. Founded in 1879, Greer was named after its leading citizen, Americus Vespucius Greer. No matter what the name, Greer is a bit of heaven on Earth.

A four hour drive from Phoenix, mostly on divided highways, takes you through the rustic town of Payson, the Rim Country, through Show Low and Lakeside-Pinetop. The turnoff to Greer, Route 373, is about eight miles past Sunrise ski resort. The road slopes gently down to the village of Greer, snuggled in a valley, surrounded by towering pine, quaking aspens, and tranquility.

Take a deep breath of pine scented cool mountain air and worries just melt.

Guests at The Red Setter Inn, an award winning bed and breakfast, are greeted by a profusion of columbine, day lilies, yarrow, larkspur and Marguerite daisies. The lodge’s living room is comfortably furnished with a combination of English hunting and old west. It sounds at odds but comes together beautifully. The downstairs play room is just that, with every imaginable old fashioned game to play and a wide selection of movies.

The second floor of the lodge is surrounded with a wood deck, overlooking the Little Colorado River. The pristine ten acre property is dotted with wooden chairs, lounges and swings, perfect for enjoying a cold drink and a good book. Each of the nine rooms has its own attraction: Number 1 boasts a private entry, Number 4 has its own deck, Room 9 has a gas fireplace. For those wishing a more private experience there are three stand alone cabins on the property as well.

Breakfast, served in the dining room, is a gourmet experience. One morning, a warm raspberry crumpet with whipped cream is followed by a fresh fruit compote, and an asparagus frittata. Juice, hot coffee, tea and cocoa are available not only at breakfast but all day. A complimentary sack lunch is prepared for those who want to explore the area.

The Red Setter Inn is for grownups and ideal for couples. Guests must be 16 or older.

If the trip is a family affair, Antler Ridge cabins welcomes pets and children. Fully equipped house keeping two bedroom cabins with a wood burning fireplace, supplied with complimentary wood, are scattered over the spacious grounds with plenty of room for the kids to play. The bedrooms are small as is the one bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped. The living area has room for a full size sofa and two large chairs as well as dining table and chairs. A playground and a private catch and release pond provide additional activities. Two ranch houses, which sleep up to 16, are available for larger groups.

Greer Lodge offers housekeeping cabins as well. The luxuriously appointed rooms in the main lodge are adults only. 373 Grill, the on site restaurant and lounge, is family friendly and cowboy comfortable. Nearly every table has a breath taking view of the valley and the mountains behind. The wine list is moderate in both price and offerings. The house wine, a decent chardonnay, comes in a souvenir bottle. The menu offers the usual steak, hamburgers, and ribs. The baby back ribs are succulent; peppy but not overly spicy and served with an extensive choice of sides including a huge portion of crunchy onion rings.

Looking for an upscale experience for families and couples? You’ll find it at The Peaks. The lodge has gone through a major renovation and all the rooms have recently been refurbished. Several of the suites, generously sized to fit a family of four, come with Jacuzzis and fireplaces. Spectacular views await from every window.

La Ventana, the on site restaurant, offers a candlelit dining room, washed in pale desert colors. The ambiance is elegant but not stuffy. Diners munch on complimentary crunchy bread served with a dipping sauce of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, herbs and Parmesan cheese. Appetizers include a roasted tomato soup with a hint of basil. The creamy broth is textured with bits of onion and fresh tomato. The salad of baby greens and candied walnuts is tossed with a tangy raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The rib eye is seared on the outside, tender and perfectly seasoned.

Not to be missed are the pancakes at the Rendezvous Diner, swimming in melted butter and syrup, accompanied by smoky crisp bacon, and a never empty cup of coffee. Your day will get off to a great start. Molly Butler Lodge offers lunch baskets during the summer months, try their sour dough burger, after a morning of hiking.

Grocery and sundry items can be picked up at the Tin Star Trading Post. Along with a cup of special blend coffee, visitors can peruse the fused glass jewelry offered by a local artisan along with Hopi, Zuni, Cherokee and other Native American silver jewelry pieces. Curios, tee-shirts, and some antiques can be found at The Quaker Barrel. The shop looks tiny from the outside but that’s deceiving. There are actually two levels and five rooms chock full of fun and curiosities.

There are hiking trails throughout the area in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The Government Springs trail isn’t an official Forest Service Trail but it’s an easy walk along the west fork of the Little Colorado. Just go down Main Street until it dead ends in a parking lot on National Forest Land and you’re at the right place. Take a lunch, the trail is scattered with perfect picnic spots.

Fishing is a favorite pastime in the three major lakes at Greer: Bunch Reservoir, Tunnel Reservoir and River Reservoir. River Reservoir is the largest at approximately 120 acres. Located one mile north of Greer, off FS 245, River Reservoir produced one of the largest brown trout in the state of Arizona. Big Lake, about eight miles from Greer, is stocked with 30,000 rainbow and brown trout every spring and at 400 acres is the largest lake in the area. An Arizona fishing license is required for anyone over 14 years old.

Need a little more excitement? Try the ski lift chair at Sunrise Park Resort. The chair lift runs every weekend and holiday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm beginning Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. Mountain bikers can use the lift to get their bikes to the top of the ski runs.

Whether hiking, fishing, or just snoozing in the dappled shade of the tall pines is your idea of a heavenly respite, you’ll find it in Greer, Arizona.

Directions to Greer: State Hwy. 87 north to Payson. From Payson, take State Hwy. 260 east following the Mogollon Rim to Show Low. At Show Low, continue on Hwy. 260 through Pinetop-Lakeside and McNary. Go past the Sunrise Park Resort road (Hwy 273) to Hwy 373. Greer is just down the road.